Sep 19

We are aware of the problems with the newest update. Please read further for Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8 information

Please read further for Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8 information. For Windows 10 users: if you get endless app update loop (you go to Store, update game, then launch it and see message that game needs update and when you go to Store it shows that game can be updated again), then you should

Dec 29

Monsters in Interesting Locations in Lithuania Coming to Monster Buster

Monsters in interesting locations are coming to “Monster Buster: World Invasion”! We are proud to announce that in the future versions of the game monsters will not only be spawned in random portals, but you will be able to find them in various interesting locations, too! With the upcoming release we are beginning to add

Jun 22

Monster Buster Agency announced as part of ID@Xbox E3 line up

Vilnius, Lithuania – Lithuanian indie studio Tag of Joy is excited to announce “Monster Buster: Agency” for Windows 10 and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. An action packed game gives players a task to create and control a monster fighting agency with a goal to unlock the secrets of the

Apr 7

Monster Buster Update 1.0.8 – Toxic Trio

The days are intense at Tag of Joy as our small tackles several exciting projects still having to hold an eye on “Monster Buster: World Invasion” development timeline set for the future. Today is the day when we are talking about latest landmark for “Monster Buster: World Invasion” – update 1.0.8. The update hit the

Nov 17

Monster Buster Update 1.0.5 information

We, Tag of Joy, are happy to announce the first update of “Monster Buster: World Invasion”. We read all your e-mails and messages, and are pumped up with all the feedback you give us and all the ideas you throw at us on how “Monster Buster” should move on and grow – a MONSTROUS THANK

Oct 15

1000 Players in Two Days – Time for a Pie Chart!

Here at Tag of Joy we are excited to celebrate the freshmen of “Monster Buster”, who joined the universe we are trying to create and expand. With more than 1000 of you already fighting the World Invasion, we would like to share some information about your choices. When you start “Monster Buster” for the first time, you have to

Sep 11

Monsters Are Invading

They have always been lurking around us. Unnoticed they have been invading our cities and towns. But times are changing! Now, there is a way to find and challenge them! Monster busters, prepare for unseen adventures! Hello and welcome! This a blog about the a new, awesome (obviously :) ) mobile geo-location based, monster fighting