Jul 1

Monsters in Interesting Locations not just in Lithuania anymore

Hey guys,

Some of you might remember, that a while ago we added monsters at interesting places in Lithuania – they were not randomized anymore but were constantly waiting for you at points of interest in real life (well in some places you could find a chest instead of a monster, but that‘s cool too, right?).

Well now we have a big announcement to our supporters outside of Lithuania – very soon we will add monsters at sightseeing locations in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Russia. The twist is that all those locations are important to Lithuania. So what that gives you? Now not only will there be specific locations that are for sure to get you a monster or a chest but also you get to learn more about our country and how it has importance to yours!

We are very thankful to the Lithuanian council of culture for partly funding this update and helping us bring it to life!

So get ready to go out and start sightseeing while catching monsters! Isn‘t that like the best deal ever? Don‘t forget to take pictures!

Have fun,

Tag of Joy