Dec 29

Monsters in Interesting Locations in Lithuania Coming to Monster Buster

Monsters in interesting locations are coming to “Monster Buster: World Invasion”!

We are proud to announce that in the future versions of the game monsters will not only be spawned in random portals, but you will be able to find them in various interesting locations, too! With the upcoming release we are beginning to add them in Lithuania thanks to the support from Lithuanian Council for Culture.

The portals of special monsters will pop up in the whole country (more than 1800 locations), and you will be able to hunt them on hill-forts, near churches and in other attractive places. Take a look at a map of Lithuania with all the monster locations.

Monsters in Lthuania

The biggest cities will have more monsters than other parts of the country, for example there will be more than 50 monsters in the Vilnius city center. Some of the spots will have treasure chests, not all of them will be monsters, so don’t be surprised if you find something special.

PR_spots_Vilnius LTKT


What is more, with this upcoming release we will be adding additional challenges and more story elements to the game!