Jun 14

Monsters all around the world!

Hi there!

How‘s everybody doing? Still busting monsters we hope?

So we’ve been thinking – we created this game in Lithuania and we can always check if the monsters are here (and trust us, they are). But what about other places? Do you see a lot of monsters bursting through portals in your country? You know what? We decided to check for ourselves!

So we scattered our team members all around the world and went searching for monsters. And here is our answer – YES, there are monsters all around the world! No no, don‘t be scared, monsters won‘t attack you. But you can definitely go out and catch them, no matter where you live.

You want proof? Here you go. These are the places we visited and where we took pictures of monsters to make sure they inhabit every country :)

Here we went to Athens and found Bo living on ancient grounds.

No Loch Ness monster here, but we did find Leeps in Scotland.

Oh wow! Almost got startled by Batulia while walking in a square in Copenhagen.

Did you know that the Buckingham Palace in London is guarded by Slender?

Watch out, Flakario! The tower of Pisa might fall on you.

We believe that Mc Chick might actually like cold climates. We found him far in the north, on a coast in Iceland.

Back at San Francisko beach we said hi to Slender.

We even went to such far corners of the world as Japan, and what do you know – we found Bo in a crowded subway!

Here in Monaco we met Ozio, who met us very nicely and even offered to show us around like a local.

We took a turn to Madrid and were very pleased to see many not just monsters, but also chests floating around the city.

Okay, we saved the bets for last. Here is a city called Cologne and, oh my oh my, – we met Luna! Just look at her. She’s posing so professionally. We just can’t get enough of this picture.

Well, that’s all we have for now. But we promise to keep looking and update you on any other city we check.

Actually… we got a better idea! YOU send us pictures from your place! Show us, what monsters live around your area. Oh, we’re already so excited to see them!

Email us the pictures at info@tagofjoy.lt or post them on our Facebook page and we promise to feature you on our next blog post!


Well then, busters, now you have a mission from us. So go out and snap that picture!


Have fun,

Tag of Joy team

P. S. Links to download the game:

Download “Monster Buster: World Invasion” for Android

Download “Monster Buster: World Invasion” for iOS

Download “Monster Buster: World Invasion” for Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8


Don’t forget to share with your friends – that way it’ll be more fun for all of us!