Dec 18
Christmas and New Year

New game update along with an end of the year review

Hey, busters! Our newest update is up on all platforms! Yay! So what‘s new, ye? 😉 Fixed Facebook sign-in and sharing. No more social media problems, have all your log-ins in one place. 😎 Fully implemented The EU General Data Protection Regulation. Added Terms of Service consent and ability to disable data sharing. It may

Jul 1

Monsters in Interesting Locations not just in Lithuania anymore

Hey guys, Some of you might remember, that a while ago we added monsters at interesting places in Lithuania – they were not randomized anymore but were constantly waiting for you at points of interest in real life (well in some places you could find a chest instead of a monster, but that‘s cool too,

Jun 14

Monsters all around the world!

Hi there! How‘s everybody doing? Still busting monsters we hope? So we’ve been thinking – we created this game in Lithuania and we can always check if the monsters are here (and trust us, they are). But what about other places? Do you see a lot of monsters bursting through portals in your country? You

Jun 2

Temporary problems with the game – fixed!

UPDATE: The game is already fixed and available at the iOS and Google Play stores! Check for an update and play on! 👾👺🧚‍♂️ Original post: We know there is a problem with the Android and iOS version of the game currently 😔 but we are working to resolve it! Sadly, it will require a game update,

May 8

How Monsters Were Born

Hey guys, how is everybody? Now that the game has been heavily improved over the time and is available to all smartphone users, we can look back a bit. The quirky monsters from “Monster Buster: World Invasion” have conquered the world, not only by invading our universe, but also by winning the hearts and minds

Apr 18

Back from GDC!

Hey, busters! How is everyone? Well we’ve been back from Game Developers Conference (GDC) for a few weeks now but a lot of work piled up during our trip and so we never got the chance to share our experiences. Finally, we’re doing it now! GDC was a lot of fun. We met a lot

Mar 12

Monster Buster going to GDC!

Hey, busters, enjoying the new update? We have some amazing news today – have you heard of such big titles like Dying Light, Night in the Woods, Darkest Dungeon or Horizon: Zero Dawn? Well we are proud to say that our team has the chance to join the creators of these amazing games on the

Feb 21

Game Update on all Platforms is Available Now

Hey, busters! We’re here to tell you the new update is out on all platforms 📱💻 now and if you haven’t yet, rush to update your game right now 😂😍! With the new update comes not only new monsters but many amazing new features as well. Let’s go through them all, shall we?       WELCOME,

Feb 13

Wrapping up the Great 2017

What’s up, guys! How are our favorite busters doing? We have been very busy working on the new update, which is just around the corner, that we didn’t have the time to just breathe in and celebrate what an amazing year 2017 was for us. And we want to share this joy with you, the

Feb 9

Twitch Stream Today!

Today on the Gamasutra Twitch stream we will be chatting about Monster Buster, other projects we’re making at Tag of Joy and upcoming GDC talk, which Šarūnas and Žilvinas will be doing next month. Today, 🕒 12PM PST / 8PM GMT / 10PM Lithuanian time. Tune in at: UPDATE: Ah… sad news – stream host