Feb 13

Wrapping up the Great 2017

What’s up, guys! How are our favorite busters doing?

We have been very busy working on the new update, which is just around the corner, that we didn’t have the time to just breathe in and celebrate what an amazing year 2017 was for us. And we want to share this joy with you, the most important part of our team!

As you know, last year Monster Buster: World Invasion was launched on iOS and Android so now you can play it with your friends, no matter what platform you use. And what’s even better – we made the game multilingual!

The game had a huge update adding so many new cool features like crafting items, finding treasure chests, Leaderboards (who doesn’t like a little competition, right?) and of course – new monsters! The game is becoming better and it’s all thanks to your amazing reviews and suggestions.

Monster Buster also got an amazing real life trailer. Have you seen it? No? You must check it out right now!

But you know what made this year even better? Monster Buster was nominated in, not even one, but three categories in the LT Game Awards 2017 – Best Art Direction, Best Mobile Game and Game of the Year. And we actually did get an award! Look at our amazing prize as the Best Mobile Game of 2017 in Lithuania! We couldn’t have done this without you, so thank you very much.

Well then, busters, what do you say we make 2018 an even bigger year, together? Subscribe not to miss the next update because it is coming very very soon.



See you, busters!
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