What is Monster Buster?

Monster Buster is a location based creature collecting and fighting game with augmented reality. The combat in the game is turn based with quick reaction gauge for action precision.

How many monsters there are in the game?

Currently there are 40 unique monsters for player to fight and collect with more monsters to come with future FREE content updates.

What is the objective of Monster Buster?

The world is facing the invasion of outerworld monsters and you have to fight that invasion by using the weapon every monster buster has - your smartphone. The main goal is to collect all the monsters by capturing them in the real world, complete challenges and top the leaderboards.

How the combat in Monster Buster works?

The fights in Monster Buster are turn based, so you and your opponent are taking turns in trying to defeat each other. Each monster has a unique collection of abilities which deal damage, may increase or decrease your or your opponent's attributes or may even heal. Different abilities have different cooldowns, so the tactical part comes in when you have to plan which abilities to use and when to use them. There is some skill requirement involved in perfecting the strike of the ability, by tapping the screen the moment the cast bar arrow reaches the perfect strike location.

Are location services mandatory to play Monster Buster?

No, you can play Monster Buster with your GPS off, sitting on the couch and blasting through quick fight mode, but with that type of play you won't be able to unlock new monsters.

On what devices I can play Monster Buster?

Monster Buster can be played on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 10 computers.

How much the game costs?

Monster Buster is FREE to play, with in-game transactions to enhance your play We want to make sure, that all Monster Buster: World Invasion content can be experienced without spending a single dime just by investing your skills and time.

Can I fight my friends?

Yes and no. Real time multiplayer will not feature at launch, but you can fight other players' monsters in quick fight mode and some of those could be your friend's monsters.

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