Sep 22

Monster Buster Update 1.1.6

We are happy to finally release an updated version of “Monster Buster: World Invasion” – update 1.1.6. It took some time for us to prepare this update, yet the feature list is not that big. You could then ask: Why? The thing is that we did a lot of fixes and changes that are not apparent – for example we migrated to a new backend and this will help us keep the game running in the future. We don’t want to have a “Pokemon Go” situation when servers fail :) Because of this, we had half a day of maintenance when you were not able to play.

What is more, we want to thank you for playing the game and we are happy, that there are now more than 800 000 downloads worldwide!

Update or download “Monster Buster: World Invasion”


And while you’re at it – read below for new additions and changes we cramped into update 1.1.6.

Update 1.1.6


Now you can take a photo with a monster, save it to the gallery and post it to Facebook! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Click a button and the photo is in your photo gallery. And don’t forget to show us your monsters by sending your photos to our Facebook page! ;)

Take a photo


When leveling up, now you can choose if you want to increase attack, defense or luck. Sadly, skill points of your older monsters can’t be reassigned, but every time you level up from now on, you will be able to choose yourselves.



We added a lot of new challenges, including monster stories! What is a monster story? It is a set of challenges you get when you hire one of the three initial monsters: Elefuntik, Slender or Bo. These challenges tell a background story of the monsters and you need to help them with their tasks. If you like this feature, we plan to add more stories in the future!



Since we are from Lithuania (it is a small country in the European Union, by the Baltic see), last year we started experimenting with monsters in predefined locations. As a result, we added a ton of monsters in interesting locations in Lithuania. You can read about it in our previous blog post.

Monsters in Lthuania


We updated the ability descriptions – now they are much more consistent and hopefully clearer.


We also made various bug fixes and small improvements.

Thank you and have a nice time busting monsters,
Tag of Joy.

  1. jk
    September 23rd

    Maybe I am not looking in the right spot but where is the option to take a photo?

    • Elefuntik
      December 9th

      Hi, the photo taking option is only available if you have Windows (Phone) 10.

  2. David Lee
    September 26th

    Greeeat!! I’m Korean and love this masterpiece!

  3. Devkumar
    December 30th

    Wow very nice game , just loving it