Jun 2

Temporary problems with the game – fixed!

UPDATE: The game is already fixed and available at the iOS and Google Play stores! Check for an update and play on! 👾👺🧚‍♂️

Original post: We know there is a problem with the Android and iOS version of the game currently 😔 but we are working to resolve it! Sadly, it will require a game update, so it may take two or three days to be released and available.


  1. Hello, World!
    June 6th

    Can we get an update on this as the game has now disappeared from the iOS App Store.

    • Elefuntik
      June 6th

      Yes, the update is currently being approved by Apple, so it should be line in a day or two.

  2. Elefuntik
    June 6th

    And while I was writing the message – Apple approved the release, so it should be available any moment now :)
    Happy busting!