Sep 11

Monsters Are Invading

They have always been lurking around us. Unnoticed they have been invading our cities and towns. But times are changing! Now, there is a way to find and challenge them! Monster busters, prepare for unseen adventures!

Hello and welcome! This a blog about the a new, awesome (obviously :) ) mobile geo-location based, monster fighting game called “Monster Buster”.

Here we’ll talk about the game in more detail as we unveil various features and facts. We will also showcase and discuss all the new great things we’ll be putting in.

We are passionate about mobile games, enjoy playing them and we are happy that they are becoming part of our lives and no matter where we go, we can take them with us. So being able of finding hidden monsters with a help of your smartphone in the city or countryside we live in is just awesome! Get your own monster, train it, go outside, search for other monsters, fight them and finally – capture them! Participate in epic monster fights, defend your hometown from giant monsters invasions and just be the best monster buster of them all! We are passionate about our idea and we hope you’ll be pasionate as well. Monsters are here, prepare for the adventures that await you!

By the way, feel free to write feedback about “Monster Buster”. Above all we are making this game for you!

  1. Gamer
    October 12th

    Your game is amazing and really really awesome! You should consider expanding on it, like adding a shop with buyable items to further monetize it. One thing I would personally change: catch system. Instant of us unlocking monsters and then buying them, why not have some kind of “pokeball” beforehand that we bought it the shop so we can catch them while fighting. The outcome would be the same (investing gold to buy monsters) but the feeling would be different.

    Being able to play against other players would be awesome, setting up tournaments and stuff sounds great. Having some random elements to the abilities could go a long way (haven’t unlocked all monsters maybe they have it). Being able to have a secondary effect to the ability if you hit the center (aka sweetspot) could be cool too. There are so many great ideas to this awesome game. Looking forward to support you guys with inapp purchase.

    Hope you comment back, wasn’t that exited for a game in a long while!

    • Elefuntik
      October 15th

      Hey, Gamer,
      We are well aware of current state of our game – as it is only a small portion of the project we planned for the nearest future. Consumables, crafting, real life missions where you have complete challenges in real world in given time, rare treasure chests, world events and even more other exciting things – like ability management, QR codes to put YOUR monsters on the world map and companions!
      We will lay our plans more precise on our blog – currently fixing several bugs which slipped through the current version.

      MB team.

  2. glynn lessnau
    November 10th

    Hey guys game is alot of fun. Maybe a monster evolution/fusion would be amazing. Also maybe being able to allocate a stat point when you monster lvls.

    • Elefuntik
      November 11th

      Good day, Glynn,

      All the things you mentioned are in our plans. Together with all the other exciting things coming to the game in upcoming months.
      Thank you for feedback!


  3. Is the game dead? Many of the features that your team of developers have promised, most of them aren’t in the game. I have the game for Windows Phone and have yet to see most of these changes you guys have promised. If you all need help developing this game further, then I would be more than happy to help for free. I don’t want to see a good game go to the Game Graveyard. I may not check this in a few days or so. So when you reply, notify me on kik. KizaVerona

  4. Nerf Pots
    March 16th

    Awesome game,but the thing that every monster goes +400 HP while low life is annoying af!

    • Elefuntik
      March 16th

      Hi! Thanks for the feedback. We are rethinking health system currently, so you can expect changes in that area in the summer!