Nov 17

Monster Buster Update 1.0.5 information

We, Tag of Joy, are happy to announce the first update of “Monster Buster: World Invasion”. We read all your e-mails and messages, and are pumped up with all the feedback you give us and all the ideas you throw at us on how “Monster Buster” should move on and grow – a MONSTROUS THANK YOU FOR THAT and keep that coming.

Most of your propositions reflect the plan we already have for “Monster Buster” in our collective head, and you can be sure that those things will become part of the game in the nearest future – crafting, monster capturing and discovery via quick fight, etc.

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Today we take the first step in making “Monster Buster” the best game with “monster” in its title in the world. We present you Update 1.0.5 – “Luna also rises”. Here is the list of new features and changes.


m33Electric dragon Luna – ferocious all out attack monster, frying the enemy with a set of electric attacks. Luna is a rare monster with the base values of 290 HP, 9 attack, 4 defense and 1 luck. Abilities – Sparks (10-34 damage), Charged Zap (15-55 damage) and Kamikaze! (15-65 damage).


Now you can increase the number of monsters at your disposal. Unlock additional slots to hire new monsters (Luna, wink wink) or the ones you dismissed earlier.



Toxic Sewer – radioactively glowing underground where the Slime gang rules.



Different types of abilities are now represented with new video and audio effects – blissful lightning for electric damage and purple skull cloud for fear casts.



Attacks and self casts were perfectly tuned by our animation masters for the maximum combat immersion.


We also made some fixes to several game components for better gameplay experience.

Thank you for playing Monster Buster,

Tag of Joy.

  1. HUEE
    November 21st

    Hi here,
    I like this game. well designed and very developable. expecting to see the further updates. Question is once I dismiss a level upped monster, then all levels disappear and need to re-play over?

    • Elefuntik
      November 21st

      Good day,

      Thank your for playing “Monster Buster” and for good words.
      Yes, at the moment dismissed monster “forgets” the progress and on rehiring he will be level 1. But we have discussions in the team to change that and we are thinking of retaining monster level on dismissal and pushing this change with the next game update.


  2. conny weiland
    February 18th

    sher gutes spiel macht großen spaß und hat schöne grafik ich freue mich mehr :-)

  3. Andrea
    March 27th

    Hi, I bought new slot 2 times but it always appear as locked and it always tells me to buy it..

  4. Ell
    October 31st

    I think the game needs some balancing. Some monsters like Leeps or Batulia are really, really weak,and some monsters like Jiao Xin are too strong.
    Yes,I understand that some monsters are supposed to be weaker or stronger,since they are rarer. But I think the gap is too high.

  5. Rian
    July 9th

    I think the monster should be evol

  6. Hello, I’m sure I have mentioned this before but the seek and fight GPS part of this game seems to be a little buggy. When I seek a monster I can be standing right on top of it and it wont give me a fight option. Also would love to see a arena where friends can go head to head. Also evolution would be amazing!!!! Thanks for a fun game.