Oct 15

1000 Players in Two Days – Time for a Pie Chart!

Here at Tag of Joy we are excited to celebrate the freshmen of “Monster Buster”, who joined the universe we are trying to create and expand. With more than 1000 of you already fighting the World Invasion, we would like to share some information about your choices. When you start “Monster Buster” for the first time, you have to choose between rigid Elefuntik, agressive Bo and spooky Slender. What is the most loved starter? The answer is below.


Thank you for your good words in reviews and ballistic positivity. Keep tight, as really soon we will update you with the upcoming additions to the “Monster Buster” in version 1.1


  1. Alejandro
    January 21st

    I love this game :3

  2. Fernando Pepaño
    March 30th

    I chose Slender too. Based on stats, players will definitely pick Slender. Right now I have Jiao Xin! I like this game. I hope there will be an evolution for every monster. (like in pokemon)

  3. Chris Cummings
    June 29th

    I love the game but some monsters seem impossible to beat and you gotta walk or move around to get fights for new monsters

  4. Caroline Imamaiah
    August 4th

    I feel like all the monsters in my area are the same, i have to go somewhere else to defeat other types?

  5. fulvio
    October 22nd

    which are the effects of attack defence and luck?

    • Elefuntik
      December 9th

      Hi, attack increases strength of your attacks and defence decrease strength of enemy attacks. Luck increases critical strike chance ;)

  6. Benny Jackdaw
    March 10th

    Actually not that big a fan of Slender. I mean, he’s okay, I guess, I just really dislike those spindly glass-looking characters like him. Even the name says “Can’t take a hit.” I’ll admit, though, I’m not huge on any of the starters. There are monsters within the game I prefer to any of them. I chose Elefunk as my starter, though.